Ant Control

Ant Pest Control

Ants play an important role in nature by breaking down large carcasses and aids in the decomposition cycle.

However, they are not too welcomed in the built-up environment where we live in.

How we deal with ants

Before any effective solution can be implemented, we will do a site survey to determine the type of ant problem that you have. What type of species and where are they coming from.

Most of the time, just be removing the food source, the ant issue goes away.

If it is impossible to remove all food sources, eg: in commercial kitchens where cooking happens all the time, or in food storage places, etc..

This is where you need an expert from Vanguard Pest Management to help you control the ant population.

Types of ants

There are many different species of ants (note: termites are not ants, they may look similar but are different type of insect) each behave differently and will require different treatment methods.

How to eradicate ants

There are many ways to eliminate ants, from home-made concoctions to off the shelf solutions. Some target fast results while others do nothing more than dirty your kitchen.

ant poison

Ants are very smart, they can detect undesirable food sources ie: poisons, and skip it altogether. After a while, they will learn to avoid certain poisons and it will no longer work on them. The main colony will continue to thrive while the ant poison gets ignored.

Vanguard uses our proven methodology which does a thorough job at eliminating ants at the root and the colony.

Ant control consistent results

To get consistent ant control, it is not just about getting rid of them fast, it is about getting rid of them completely.

This will work hand-in-hand with clearing out food sources and maintaining a clean environment where ants cannot find any food.

Contact us to clear all your ant issues!