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Pest Control Fogging

We are frequently engaged as the resident pest control contractor for several condos. The most common pest control task is to do fogging. Let’s join our expert behind the scenes!

Fogging of general areas

Fogging alone might be a bad control of mosquito population but simultaneous fogging in a cluster of condos will definitely do the trick to kill most if not all the adult mosquitoes.

When mosquito fogging operations are performed, we do not just fog external areas, we will also fog the refuse chutes and general refuse areas to kill cockroaches and pests.

Fogging of refuse area for pest control

To carry out fogging activities, the pest control technicians must be well protected with personal protection equipment (PPE) and be trained.

It is both a tough and thankless job. The fogging machine weighs about 10kg and is loud. Very loud.

Outdoor fogging uses diesel as the main smoke generator and carries the treatment into the air in the form of “smoke”. We can all recognise the signature drone of the fogging machine as well as their plume of white smoke when as the technician walks by.

The key to an effective pest control fogging session is the diesel to treatment ratio mix. Dishonest pest control companies have been known to reduce the amount of treatment chemicals in a bid to lower costs.

This makes the whole fogging session useless as they are just spraying white smoke that does close to nothing.

At Vanguard Pest Management Pte Ltd, we are here to provide quality service and will never skimp on chemicals because we believe in doing the best job every time.

After a typical fogging session, pests will escape from their hiding places into the open. All that needs to be done now is to get the cleaners to sweep them up and everyone will be safe from dengue and other diseases carried by pests!

Our chief has over ten years of pest control experience and knows exactly what to do for every situation.

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