Rodent control

Rodents, be it mice or rats are considered a form of pest or vermins because they do wreck havoc by chewing through almost anything. Wires, food, rubbish, you name it. They also have a chance to carry diseases that can pass them to humans especially via their faeces.

Their destructive nature makes them undesirable.

Rats – is it really one?

Before we can perform any form of actual rodent control we will need to identify the type of rodent it is. Sometimes it turns out to be a shrew!

Shrew is not a pest
Shrews are not pests!

Shrews eat cockroaches and mice. It’s a better form of natural pest control by all means. The most common type is the Asian house shrew

Rodent control starts with determining the type of rodents

We might have to set traps, baits or monitor stations to determine the type of vermin we are dealing with.

Once we’ve determined the type of vermin, we will formulate a rodent control plan that will eliminate and deter any more rats from showing up.

Removing the rodent source

By removing the source, what we are really doing is to remove the real reason why they show up for the party in the first place. FOOD!

Usually by removing the food source, the occurrence of vermins showing up will drop dramatically. However, this will not stop those who didn’t get the memo that “There’s no food here”.

Rats will show up either way trying their luck to look for food. This is where we come in.

Rodent control solutions

Rodents are smart little creatures. That is why we need to set solutions that are smarter than them. Depending on the severity of the situation we might suggest one or a combination of solutions below:

  • Traps
  • Chemicals
  • Rodent-proofing

Traps and chemicals are straight forward ways to deal with rodents. Renovation or relocation works are usually the most drastic solutions because the source of rats cannot be effectively controlled.

Rodent control – Rodent-proofing with renovation or relocation

If the usual pest control methods do not work, we might propose renovation works to fortify or close up entry points to prevent the rats from entering your premises.

Rats have been known to chew through plaster walls or burrow through soil to get to food sources. If that is happening we will have to renovate and turn that plaster partition wall into a brick wall or fortify the wall with metal plates to ensure they cannot chew through.

rodent control using metal sheets

If that is not possible, we may have to rearrange your internal layout to form an effective barrier against incoming rat army. Relocating food sources to somewhere we can fortify against rats.

Rodent problem? Call us

Feel free to contact us to get more information regarding your possible rodent issues! We’ll be more than glad to help.