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Cockroach control

Cockroaches have been around for centuries are probably the most resilient pests ever. They are able to hide anywhere and survive on anything.

They contaminate food and are generally not welcomed at home. Unless of course, you intend to make a business out of them. See cockroach farms.

Since you’re here, we assume you’re here to get rid of them instead.

Cockroach type

Before we can tackle the problem of roach infestation, we will first inspect and identify the species of cockroach first.

There are many ways to do this, firstly by going through their usual harbouring sources. We’ll locate and physically examine the type of cockroach issue you might have in order to set the right type of solution for you.

Cockroach habitat

Cockroaches loves humid and warm areas like kitchens, sewers, toilets, etc.. Being highly adaptable, they technically are able to survive anywhere.

They are mostly nocturnal and hides in holes and crevices in the day.

These “holes and crevices” includes cabinets and drawers. So having a messy place is like creating lots of hiding places for them.

Crushing the cockroach problem

Once we’ve determined the specific cockroach issue you have, we’ll remove the harbouring sources (if possible) and treat the areas suchs as sewers and manholes and place baits to eliminate them.

Treatment methods will vary depending on the species. Each have their preference and habits.

Once the initial problem is settled, we will install monitoring stations to keep track of the cockroach population.

Maintaining Cockroach Controls

After we have controlled the initial cockroach problem. We will now have to control it.

While it is almost impossible to eliminate all presence of cockroaches, with proper control measures in place. We will aim to capture or deter them from appearing.

That is where the monitoring stations play a big role.

A bad time for them to appear is in front of a customer or worse, the food inspector!

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