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Our Pest Control Experience


Our chief pest control engineer has over 10 years of pest control experience and will be able to offer you pest control solutions regardless of your situation. There is hardly anything that we haven’t seen.

Our Pest Management Services

Pest Management Philosophy

We believe in being socially and environmentally responsible for the solutions we implement. Although some of our customers might have heard or read about solutions that seem “stronger”, “more powerful” or “faster”. If it hurts the environment or is not suitable for the health of our clients or staff, we will not recommend the solution.

Importantly, your privacy stays guarded and remains private. We will not use your issues for our sales pitch or gossips.

Talk to us and find out more about our strong values in pest control.


Full Range Of Integrated Pest Management Services

We offer a full range of integrated pest management services:


  • Pest control – For all your creepy-crawlies solution
  • Fogging – Anything that flies will be done by this
  • Sanitising Misting – For anything else that you can’t see like germs
  • On-site pest consulting – Unsure of what you need? Call us!

Fast And Lasting Pest Control Solutions

When it comes to pest management, our solutions are not just about being fast. It is about being lasting. Sometimes, the solution might take a bit of time in order for it to be long-lasting. You will want your pest issues to be away for as long as possible and we will be your trusted partner in this journey.

Talk to our pest control consultants, we will make sure that your pests problem will be under control and stay that way as long as we’re around.


Water-Based Fogging For Pest Control

We explore what water-based pest fogging is and its pro and cons. Is water-based over traditional oil-based fogging?

Pest Control Fogging

What goes on during a pest control fogging session? Join us as we explore behind the scenes of a pest control fogging session.

Contact us for your pest control consultation now!

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    Happy Father's Day to the man who moves fire and earth for his family.🥳 To all fathers, today is your day ! Enjoy it while you can, since its the only day for you 🤣 All other days will be about your kids anyway 🤪 #father #fathersday #fatherhood #fathersday2022 #fathersday2022gifts #singapore #singaporean #singaporelife #supportsmall #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness #storeroom #storeroomrack #storeroomrack_sg #storeroomracksg #boltless #boltlessrack #boltlessracksg #pestcontrol #pestcontrolsg

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    Dengue cases are on the rise ! Coupled with the rainy weather going on right now, it is only going to get worse ! Below are a few tips to keep you and your neighbors safe: 1. Check vases/flower pots frequently to ensure no stagnant water is present ! 2. Turn pail over and wipe rims dry 3. If you have a pot, loosen the soil and ensure that flower pot plate is not collecting water. There are many more ways to keep mosquitoes from breeding, and these are just small steps to reducing the breeding places for mosquitoes. Let us do our part in keeping dengue in check ! #denguefever #singaporean #sg #supportlocalbusiness #mosquitoes #pestcontrol #ProtectOurChildren #protectyourself

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    Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri ! 🥳
    We wish all our Muslim friends have a remarkable and blessed festive season and feast away the day 🍖! See you on Wednesday ! 😎🤩

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    Long weekend ahead !🥳
    Take this time to wind down from work and spend some time with your family and friends ! 🤪
    Do note that we will be closed from Saturday onwards and will only be back on Wednesday. 😁

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    Good Friday is coming !
    Take this 3 day long weekend to wind down and enjoy !

    Note: We will be closed on Thursday 12pm onwards
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    Pest Control By Vanguard Pest Management Pte Ltd

    6 months 1 day ago

    Another year is ending and a New Year is beginning..

    🙇Thank you 🙇‍♀️Everyone for the continued trust in Vanguard Pest Management. Our ongoing success relies on the loyalty and support of customers and partners like you‼

    Here's a toast🥂 to the New Year‼

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    ☃️We at Vanguard Pest Management would like to wish Everyone Merry Christmas‼🎄May the Christmas Season fill your home with Joy, ❤️ and Happiness‼🥳

    We will be closed from 24th December and will resume business on 28th December.

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    Here's wishing all our customers 🎇Happy Diwali‼🎇
    Wishing you a Prosperous, Joyous and fun filled festival of Lights‼

    Don't forget to Stay Safe too‼ 💪